Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors


Mike Stuart


Vice President: Programs & Community Events

Bonnie Neil

Vice President: Treasurer

Paula Stuart

Vice President: Operations

Tim Cox


Sarah Buchan


Softball Convenor

Yvette Gaborieau


Baseball Convenor

Lana Dickinson


Soccer Convenor

The Rec Soccer program
(excluding mini-soccer)
is now fully administered by
St Charles Soccer Association

Vice President: Publicity

Crystal Farr

Ringette Convenor

Michelle Hamerla


Mini-Soccer Convenor

Candace Carlyle

Past President

Terry Wolowiec


Hockey Director

Mike Stuart


House League Hockey Convenor

Andrew Neil

Canteen Manager

Christie Acheson


Basketball Convenor

Sarah Buchan


Equipment Manager

Keith Smith



Operations Supervisor

Jamie Jamieson


Facility Rental
Ice Rental


Operations Staff

Roy Penman - Senior Operator & Lead Custodian
Mick Goodfellow - Arena Operator
Marshall Roberts - Arena Operator
Glen Mcivor - Custodian

Contact Info


office at

B/N: 118982982

Keith Bodley Arena
165 Sansome Ave
Winnipeg MB R3K 0N8